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Support Learning runs educational programmes that promote reading, writing and the expressive arts in a holistic approach. We seek to spark interest in Literacy, by tapping into learners` interests and creative potential.

Artists weave storytelling through the performing arts, by acting, singing and illustrating live.

Musicians, actors and illustrators visit schools with a varied collection of QUALITY literature in the shape of stories and poems.

Where and When?
At your school, after having booked times at your convenience.

Teacher training modules in holistic learning are also available.

María Teresa Manteo holds two teaching degrees as a Primary School English Teacher as well as a Secondary School English Teacher from the Instituto Superior del Profesorado en Lenguas Vivas “Juan Ramón Fernandez”, where she also completed a post-graduate course in English Literature. She has obtained a Further Professional Studies Certificate in Education Management from the University of Bristol UK as well as a Practitioner's Certificate in Neurolinguistic Programming Applied to Education from the Escuela Argentina de PNL y Coaching.

She has taught Literature at IGCSE and International Baccalaureate levels and lectured for various publishers of English reading materials. As Support Learning Educational Consultancy Director, she trains teachers in affective methods in the teaching of reading and writing. She also runs SL educational programme Touch the Author Workshops for Kids & Teens.

SL Facilitators running Touch the Author workshops are professionals whose educational philosophy is in complete consonance with SL affective methods. Team players come from different fields of The Arts and are well-versed in holistic strategies which honour the learner as a whole.


Through our educational programmes
we seek to:

CONTRIBUTE to teachers’ professional development


PROMOTE the integration of the arts into the curriculum


ADVOCATE for the importance of positive messages in education


OFFER strategies to spark interest in reading and writing


REACH individuals essentially as “learning beings”


STRENGTHEN literacy home-school connections


ENCOURAGE collaborative work with other professionals


CONNECT to teachers’ capacity to become agents of change and growth!



For more information, please contact Prof. María Teresa Manteo

María Teresa Manteo, Educational Consultant :: info@supportlearning.com.ar :: Tel (5411) 4503 0605